Polina Ovchinnikova

Research Assistant
Projects: ED-TREAT: A Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Tool to Assess Risk and Prevent Agitation Events
Program: Yale School of Public Health- Master of Science, Health Informatics
Polina Ovchinnikova is a second-year MS Health Informatics student at Yale University of Public Health. She graduated from Emmanuel College, Boston, with a Mathematics Statics degree and a Data Analytics minor. Motivated by her academic and professional journey, Polina has developed a keen interest in enhancing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and harnessing the potential of digital health tools to elevate the well-being of populations. Polina joined the Consumer Health Informatics Lab (CHIL) in September 2023. Within CHIL, Polina is passionate about gaining experience in actively participating in developing cutting-edge digital health tools. Her overarching mission is to leverage technology to improve the health outcomes of diverse populations, fostering innovation and progress in healthcare delivery
Fun Fact
Landscape photographer, Mountain climbing and trekking enthusiast, classical music lover (Mahleria), copperplate calligrapher