Mahima Kaur

Research Assistant
Projects: Understanding the Mental Health of Black Women During COVID-19 and Development of a Community Responsive Digital Health Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Program: Yale School of Public Health- Master of Science, Health Informatics
Mahima is a first-year MS Health Informatics student at Yale School of Public Health. She graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in Food and Nutrition. Previously, she has worked in public health nutrition, online health information, digital health interventions, nutrition informatics, and COVID-19. During her academics and work, she developed an interest in understanding understudied factors contributing to chronic diseases and implementing technology-based interventions based on theories of behavior change to improve the population’s health. Mahima joined the Consumer Health Informatics Lab (CHIL) in September 2022. She aims to gain experience in user-centered design, usability testing of digital health tools, and the development of tools such as surveillance systems, decision support systems, and mobile apps to improve the health outcomes of the diverse population.
Fun Fact
Visiting all the national parks in the US is on my bucket list!
Mahima Headshot