Holly R. Tomlin, MPH

Research Affiliate
Projects: mHealth for Mental Health: Culturally-tailored Interventions for Managing Anxiety and Depression in Black American Women
Program: Emory University School of Law – Juris Master, Health Law & Policy and Digital Technology
Ms Holly R. Tomlin is a Clinical Research Affiliate for the Consumer Health Informatics Lab (CHIL) at Yale School of Medicine, Section Bioinformatics and Data Sciences, where she collaborates as a writer and data scientist to support the overall mission of the lab. Ms Tomlin’s own research interest includes reducing health disparities by developing clinical decision support tools (CDS) with data-driven modeling and simulation packages to either repurpose existing drugs or develop novel, integrative therapies to prevent and/or accurately treat hypertension-related cardiometabolic vascular dementia. Specifically, she is interested in subtyping hypertension, such as salt-sensitive hypertension, using electronic health records and claims data, combined with other “Big Data” applications to create CDS support apps that trigger telehealth services to attenuate emergency department visits. This algorithm will be the first step to developing risk-based prediction, prevention, and treatment models for hypertension-related crises.

Ms Tomlin graduated from Saint Louis University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (1998) and a Master’s in Public Health from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (2001). She began her research career as a Data Scientist at the VA Medical Center in New Orleans, LA where she studied the psychological effects of war and military tactics in models of PTSD. She later shifted to clinical research on biomarkers for hypertension and preeclampsia and ultimately landed a position as a Field Epidemiologist in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. After, Ms Tomlin adopted a new career as a publications biomedical writer for industry. Recently, Ms. Tomlin returned to academia and completed her contract as a Science (Grant) Writer for Columbia University Medical Center. Currently, Ms. Tomlin works as a Principal Medical Writer for a contract research organization where she writes/edits clinical and research manuscripts that includes physiologically-based pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic basic science and computational models. Also, Ms Tomlin is a student in the Population Health Sciences Department at Weill Cornell Medicine.
Fun Fact
I am also a photographer and aromachologist.
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