Heejun Kim, PhD

Research Affiliate
Projects: Project IMHOTEP: Social Media & Health (CHIL)
Program: Master of Architecture II, 22' Yale School of Architecture
Dr. Heejun Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science at the University of North Texas. Dr. Kim is particularly interested in applying computational methods to health and social problems. One of his main research interests is developing an intelligent system that automatically recommends credible health information. He applies text/data mining to social media posts and spontaneous reports in order to detect potential adverse drug reactions. He is also interested in identifying harmful and useful comments on mental health YouTube videos to make a safer information-sharing environment. Dr. Kim’s expertise is in text mining, machine learning, information retrieval, health informatics, and geographic information science.
Fun Fact
He was a Python instructor of Dr. McCall and He loves watermelon and investigated how to choose watermelon in depth. Ask him if you also want to select tasty ones.