Bolatito Adepoju

Research Assistant
Projects: Understanding the Mental Health of Black Women During COVID-19 and Development of a Community Responsive Digital Health Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
Program: Yale School of Public Health- Master of Science, Health Informatics
Bolatito Adepoju is a first-year graduate student at Yale studying for a masters in Health Informatics. Prior to coming to Yale, she has a Doctor of veterinary medicine degree and has worked as a management consultant with a boutique consulting firm where she drove  on projects focused on health system strengthening, improving the quality and use of health data, outbreak responses, and improving health care service delivery. Bolatito is passionate about two things: Creating sustainable solution to problems and learning new things. In the course of her work in the public health space, she has experience working on the front lines of public health responses where she observed how people interact with informatics tools, at the middle level where she saw the difficulties with analysis, and at a more strategic level where she experienced the challlenges with making decisions with faulty data. These range of experiences has given her a broad perspective on the issues at each level and the desire to solve this problem is her motivation for studying health informatics.

Bolatito is currently working as an informatics assistant at Yale Alzheimers disease research center where she partners with the clinical informatics team to develop a machine-learning model that drives clinical decision support for providers to understand optimal treatment plans for Alzheimer’s disease
Fun Fact
I love cooking so much that I can be very experimental with it. I hope to be able to develop 4 different recipes for every delicacy some day.
Headshot of Bolatito Research Assistant